How do you plan to travel

How do you plan to travel

    No matter how successful business big or small but successful planning, studied from all aspects, which Aoukek the problems, though it happened to be the least that can, in this topic we will talk about how to travel the successful planning before, during and after travel, so the trip will be minimal It can discomfort and fatigue costs and less effort, I wish God to Iovgueni in it.

    Planning: The organization is an ongoing process assisted in this achievement methods and means to reach the goal positively in order to move away from the negatives and obstacles.

    There are a lot of communities do not have a culture of planning, a task not only for travel but important in our process and social life so if we lose this planning we will lose a lot in order to reach the goal, how can we enjoy in our journey at a lower cost? When and how and with whom we travel? The most prominent things that man must prepare her when traveling?

    Travel experience is a pastime loved by millions of people around the world, trips to the rare and beautiful places around the world, exploratory tours, religious tours, safari tours. Travel is the face and the goal, if not planning appropriate planning is the loss of time and loss of money, but the man who is planning up to what he wants as little as possible, perhaps the access and benefit from the experiences of others helps you draw a good picture of the way of planning which will be adopted.

    The most important elements of successful planning

    • The goal of travel: planning to travel depends on the goal of human travel, some people have their goal of knowledge, and some exploration, some shopping, and the other for education, he put the appropriate plan depends primarily on the goal of identifying travel.
    • Travel: Choose the right time to travel from the weather hand, some countries time be fixed classes, unlike some countries that are chapters are similar, in the heat or cold replies we have to choose the right time, according to the weather we like to travel in it, in the normal situation there is the most beautiful from the spring, the blooming flowers and the beauty of the weather.
    • Choose the means appropriate travel must be informed in advance on time to travel, until you find the right seats, hotels appropriate, until you reach your goal, there are those who love to travel by plane, and there are those who loves to travel steamboats or other means, choosing the pre-time easier for you to choose and setup the means, it is assumed that at least 3 months before the supposed you buy your ticket in order to be the right price, and the place you like, many people who plan to travel a week or less before travel, often located in the problems and obstacles, Prices are to be high and catch Balrbakh travel , does not find the desired result of the trip, is the Fled by car to those who have the health and patience of the most beautiful ways because of the fun stop, and fun to look at the beauty of nature, and fun roaming between countries, cities, and this requires good planning.
    • Knowledge in English: is your knowledge of English language for its universality is something important adds to your trip fun and makes you feel that you are roaming in your country, even though it helped the advanced technology of simultaneous interpretation to alleviate the language barrier to travelers, but it is supposed to punctuate the basic words needed when entering restaurants or at airports.
    • Companions: Some accompany a group of his friends, some accompanied by his wife and children, it is important if the flight expedition to escort them from the love of close friends of interest and common tendencies or your family because it is something nice to discover beautiful things, new and always remember with the one you love.
    • Country travel: it is necessary to choose the country best suited to your goal, so as to be safe stable without wars or problems, you may expose you and you risk getting into trouble or you are the richness of it.
    • Money: The availability of enough money is an important element for planning a more comfortable and more fun to travel, and I will try hard to put travel plan at the lowest possible cost.
    • Visa requirements: It is necessary to be aware of what requires a visa for the country you want to travel to, there are many travel agencies that may help you in this subject, as well as please pay attention to the expiration date of your passport issue because most countries require not less than 6 six months, and considered these elements very important in order to travel is more comfortable and more enjoyable.

    Important Tips before you travel

    • Ensure the validity of bank credit cards or get new cards.
    • Taking preventive vaccinations before traveling to some countries known as the spread of diseases in them.
    • Take pictures of passport personal reserve and photographs.
    • Book flight and hotel reservations.
    • Get medical insurance because some countries require the presence of medical insurance for visitors.
    • Get off from work.

    Important Tips on arrival at the airport

    • Make sure you arrive at the airport at least two hours before the date of your trip, even facilitate your actions.
    • Be sure to pick you up for your passport and wallet, as well as credit cards.
    • Make sure you are holding your tickets.

    What are the necessary travel supplies

    • Choose the appropriate clothing for the weather in the country you want to visit (summer-winter-spring).
    • The camera which is something important to embody the beautiful moments.
    • Laptop charger for mobile.
    • Sunglasses as well as creams, anti-sun.
    • A measure of the temperature.
    • Painkillers.
    • In order to get a safer trip.
    • Not going out late at night.
    • Not to walk in the streets is not known.
    • Not to brag and show them the money.
    • Preferably the presence of a counselor or guide will be your companion on the trip.

    Traveling with family

    There are many appropriate countries to travel with the family, such as Turkey from Islamic countries tourism organization, and ranked although it somewhat high cost what but there are many cheap cities, beautiful and containing the full services can be searched in many booking sites online , the query for cheaper prices.

    Travel Benefits

    • Who leaves Epth and his family and his country and then come back to them after a while, knows the house and parents value and praise God for that.
    • You can travel from dating new people.
    • Metal men appear in the travel shows his generosity and creek miser shows Bbouklh.
    • People in the travel experience increases and note.
    • To identify the peoples customs and traditions.
    • Traveling man knows what patience suffered by fatigue and fatigue during his trip.
    • Traveling man knows how to be disciplined in his appointments.
    • Man learns from traveling to rely on himself in everything.
    • Travel teaches humility.
      • In most countries of the world there is a specific date for the end of the visa, so you must take into account this date and not to delay it because it exposes you to many of the problems that you are not the least of them the riches to pay a fine for each day of delay.

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