How do you spend half year vacation

How do you spend half year vacation


    The leave of the most important periods of waiting for people around the world to get some rest, leisure and recreation after doing Bmjhodat physical big daily mentality, both in the various fields of business or in the educational fields, and academic schools, universities and high school levels.

    Types of leave

    Types of holidays vary depending on the different duration, there is a vacation semi-annual summer and annual and holidays holidays official, religious and national events, and there are weekly and sick and other leave, due to the importance of exploiting these periods as is useful for the same reason we must eliminate the boredom and to achieve maximum benefit. In this article, we'll show how to spend a vacation half.

    How to spend a vacation half year

    You can spend a vacation half by doing the following:
    • In time management to ensure carry out all activities and tasks desired at times specified; so as to ensure it is not lost and wasted the time period specified for leave what is not useful, it is recommended to develop a plan and organization for all of the required activities, and divide it on vacation time, taking into account leaving time to sleep eat and other major daily habits.
    • Determine the list of the most important books and novels that person wants to read it, and allocate time to read each book; where it is very entertaining as well as being extremely useful to increase the cognitive outcome and strengthen the linguistic dictionary of the person.
    • Planning to spend special time with family and by organizing an internal flight or external to the picturesque natural areas; which helps to renew the spirit and get rid of the effects of fatigue caused by continuous work during the half year, and get rid of the negative energy associated with different life pressures.
    • Do volunteer work, such as visiting orphanages, and the elderly.
    • Go with friends to practice one common hobbies, including swimming, horseback riding, skiing and others.
    • Learn the basic principles of music; where it needs to be a period not short.
    • Learn a new language, and start listening, speaking and writing skills, whether through the Internet or through participation in educational centers dedicated for this purpose.
    • Partial work during the period of leave for students, but it is exhausting for them.
    • Watch movies entertainment, and various documentaries.
    • Learn the art of cooking or making desserts.
    • Go to visit relatives in other cities.
    • Take care of a pet.
    • Learn the art of calligraphy.
    • Relaxation and recreation, and the practice of meditation exercises. 
    • Preparation for the return to resume normal life after such leave, so ask the person arranging his house and the rehabilitation of its own sleeping room, get rid of things is useful, to receive the next phase of high readiness.

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