My husband how he was received by the traveler

My husband how he was received by the traveler

    The pair may be forced sometimes to travel and leave the wife alone at home, either because of work or other reasons, may miss long or short periods depending on the nature and type of travel, and this has to be a wife to attend a reception special for the husband when he returned to forget fatigue and hardship of traveling, must be received on a different day from the rest of the days special; so the husband feels its value, and an expression of love dear wife to her husband, and in recognition of them and respected him, and the most important thing when receiving the pair is used to break the routine that the pair before traveling.

    As for how to receive him, some of the tips here's your that you can follow:

    • Urban has a memorable night

    Let the night to attend a surprise night to him by all standards, Vqoma change the pattern of the bedroom, changing the decor, and the way the room arrangement, and do not forget that Preparing a cake wrote in the middle of a ferry that show love and longing, types of nuts and fruit, also Make a hearty meal loved and favored strongly, and do not also forget to bring some wonderful candles, and the most important thing lighting, it must be lighting appropriate to express the feelings of longing, as if to be a romantic lighting, can you write on the bed mattress dry any of hankering phrases with flowers, such as: my life without not settled " and make your words Hina Lina, in which no reproach or yen R on the husband, but Hebrew for him when you miss missed, good deeds, and male even if they do it all; that would make him seeking to make it true, buy new furniture for bed, and told all his requests and wishes.

    • Take care of the house and others from the decor

    You must before the return of your husband should be doing to clean up the house, take care of it, and change the order of pieces of furniture, and vaporize, spreading smells good in all throughout the property, polishing and cleaning floors and walls, preferably a number of balloons at the entrance to the house, of course, it is better not devoid of words and phrases.

    • Take care of yourself a little

    He must before the return of your husband from traveling to take care of yourself, and evaluating change your look; even're Bmphajith and impress, as if evaluating, for example, by changing the story of your hair, or change its color, and evaluating the purchase shirt new sleep, or wearing the most beautiful piece of clothes you have, or widget that would prefer to see you out, and do not forget to run quiet music, urban Samar has a session memorable.

    • Book the hotel room

    Of proposals and ideas as possible to Tstqubla where your husband is a reservation processing room in a hotel, and taken from a car and evaluating Pttienha and beautified, and go out to the airport and greeted them, without the coming of the children you can put them in your family or the people of your husband, and then go by to the hotel, spend romantic night memorable, and then ask him to take you on a tour or a short stroll to enjoy, feel and Konkma just Tzojtma, this thing will make him happy, and make him forget the tiring travel.

    It is important to evaluating something breaks the routine, and shows the renewal and beauty; because the human psyche tend and love always change, these were some tips on how to receive the traveler pair.

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