The best tourist places in Miami

The best tourist places in Miami

    Spanish monastery old

    Despite the novelty of the city of Miami, but it contains an old historical building, where he built the monastery for the first time in 1141 AD in the city of Segovia Spanish, and remained standing there until the William Randolph Hearst purchased during the year 1925 Lmelad, and has demolished and transferred stones to Miami, However, it remained a pile of stone until 1952 AD where it was rebuilt in the northern area of ​​Miami Beach.

    Animals Miami Garden

    Miami Metro animals best places for animal lovers had garden may be, where contain a lot of rare animals, and the most famous white tiger, and only Aalqrn black, crocodile Cuban, the Komodo dragon, monkey Aljeon, and small addax, and other animals like a lion and owls.

    Aquarium Miami

    Miami Aquarium extends over a wide area of ​​up to 153,780.47 m 2, and is considered one of the most famous water basins around the world, and is a destination for many wishing to identify and interact with the existing aquatic animal families there, the show is the face of the dolphin of the most important performances that receive tourists in the basin, the aquarium also offers special programs for those wishing to swim and interact directly with the dolphins, as well as dolphins, the aquarium also contains many whales, turtles and tropical fish. 

    Coral Castle

    Coral Castle was built by Edward Ideskalnan in Homestead, in memory of his fiancee who emigrated before one day of their wedding, and took to build this castle 28 years, which was annexed by the national registry of historical sites.

    South Beach

    Overlooking the southern shore of the Miami Ocean Aalotalsa, and the advantage of its water Bzarkh beautiful natural surroundings and landscapes, and is one of the most important tourist attractions in Miami, thanks to the high waves that provide visitors to ride these waves fun.

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