The cheapest European country for tourism

The cheapest European country for tourism

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    Tourism is the backbone of economic countries, for generating a lot of money from the country, which would contribute to the reconstruction of the country and improve the living conditions of the population.

    Since the European continent, most regions of the world desired by tourists to learn about the nature and features, and enjoy the tourist flights amazing where, and often practice fun shopping, several surveys and studies conducted on cheaper European countries, ranking Balkan countries first place, followed by Bulgaria and Romania and Cyprus.

    The cheapest European country for tourism

    • Ukraine

    Is one of the cheapest tourist countries compared with the rest of the European countries, The cost of accommodation in the city of Kiev, for example, does not exceed fifty dollars per day for a person, largely due to the high levels of inflation, which happened as a result of significant decline of the Ukrainian currency because of the circuit in which the war since two thousand and four years ten.

    • Poland

    The travel to fun, panting behind the Europeans who want to spend the weekend, especially to the city of Krakow, where the ancient city of cheap cost, in addition to the capital Warsaw, which is famous for its roaming where by horse-drawn carriages.

    • Bulgaria

    Specifically in the city of Sofia, where he is considered a great tourist city, cheap prices for those who wish to shop them, and is characterized by being tourists pay special attention in terms of reception and welcoming.

    • Serbia

    Specifically its capital Belgrade, which entered the field of competition to snatch a place among the tourist countries, as a magnet for tourists, to enjoy the cheap prices, especially where night life.

    • Hungary

    Admittedly both visited this country, the Budapest is a great destination for those who wish to travel to, being rich in archaeological monuments, and contains many of the castles that are still witness to the civilizations that came on them, in addition to the cathedrals, monasteries, museums, resorts and low-cost.

    • Czech Republic

    Prague comes at the top tourist cities, but it recently began the cost of prices for tourism services which rises significantly, followed by the city of Cesky Krumlov, overlooking the river Awaj, a natural Dora the picturesque scenery, especially the old town still maintains its traditions and heritage of the historical, which is tourist landmark, despite the lack of tourist arrivals compared to the city of Prague.

    • Croatia

    It characterized by cities on the sea under its supervision, one of the most important factors to attract tourists, and the fact that Zagreb, Croatia's capital city, it is an internal price is still relatively cheap, frequented by tourists for starting them to lakes Blitivch and to the rest of the coastal cities.

    • Cyprus

    This island in the Mediterranean, in which intermingle historical authenticity with modernity, and what distinguishes it is a big decline for the prices of shopping, especially on the consumer.

    • other countries

    • Romania: The Bucharest's old town area of ​​attraction for tourists station, where the destination of the various countries of the world, due to the low costs of tourism therein.
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina: is also one of the Balkan countries, low-cost, with charming nature between the mountains and valleys, especially in the city of Sarajevo.

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