The most important tourist places in Jakarta

The most important tourist places in Jakarta

    Indonesia is a global tourist destination; because of the climate enjoyed by the diversity of tourist destinations that are looking for seeking rest and recreation of tourists where; especially the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, which contain the shores of many of the masterpieces of the purposes of tourism of different kinds, and all groups and interests.

    Jakarta's most beautiful places of tourist

    Oenshol tourist complex

    Is a complex located on a very wide spot include many facilities such as: minimum Fantasea, which include the city full games and theaters offers clowns tumblers different artistic plays, as you navigate around Oenshol through cable car located out; to review through: City water games, garden Samudra , Bazaar antiques and memorabilia that embody the history of Indonesia and its culture, and the city snow called the land of snow, and the world of the sea: a gallery of marine creatures, then heading to the beach and port Oenshol which take you to a number of nearby islands, and then return to eat c Of dinner freely on the way in Bandar Jakarta Indonesian Restaurant.

    Suburb Habobor

    Habobor area considered to be a comprehensive tourist diversity as there are: Chinese Village, the Egyptian village, resort water games Talaca Oaruana, Lake Sappadur water, city water games Aaldurado, and fruit garden.

    Monas Tower

    Is a monument located in the center of the capital, Jakarta, and a height of about one hundred and two thirty meters, topped by a flame of pure gold weighing up about thirty-five kilograms, and is located at the origin of the tower is a small museum hall ceremony called Independence Hall, can also buy a ticket to climb the tower and enjoy In view of the city from above, especially the scenery dancing fountains.

    Park holography Tamman Mini

    This huge park on one of the park contains ten, and fifteen museums, which reflects the reality of each representative of Indonesia, the surrounding marine Jrzha.


    There is in Jakarta, many museums with different interests, and including:

    • National Museum of Jakarta.
    • Puppet Museum, Jakarta History Museum.
    • President Museum, War Museum.
    • Holy Koran religious museum, and the Great Mosque of Independence.
    • Historical Museum conductors.
    • Insect stuffed Museum, Alkmodo.

    Commercial Markets

    There are shopping for the pioneers of many different shopping complexes which are very famous in Jakarta such as:
    • Jalan Surabaya Market Products Historical Films.
    • Mall of the Atrium, a popular destination for Arab tourists.
    • Grand Indonesia Mall, and Mall Smonqa Plaza.
    • Taman buring.
    • Sarina Complex, Mall Himbaka Mas.
    • Manja Dua Complex, and Bond Wanda Mall.
    • Sleepy Jaya Plaza, Snyan complex.

    Cities Water games

    In addition to many of the cities of water games mentioned above within some tourist complexes facilities, we remind you the three most important ones at the level of Indonesia, especially Jarkia, namely: Water Boom Lebo, Water Boom, Ocean Park and eSATA.

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