Tourist destinations for shopping lovers

Tourist destinations for shopping lovers

    Shopping is during the tourist trip of more activities that give you happiness and joy, especially women, so choose a tourist destination famous beautiful souks and high-end may serve as a gift for women no matter what she described.

    World traveler chose you more today than five destinations tourist destination for shopping enthusiasts in the world:

    Shopping in the most beautiful London markets:
    London or as defined in the fog is one of the most important fashion capitals of the world. The spread in the streets of shops offering international brands, combining classic and trendy.
    You can mean directly Oxford Street and is one of the most popular shopping venues in Europe will be amazed by the number of shops which 300 are all shop brands for months and also outnumber May Fair Street, which is the kiss of private researchers for shoes, jewelry and luxury watch enthusiasts shopping.

    Fun shopping in Singapore:

    Singapore's most globalized city in the world, according to its index of globalization, this city, which made its glory and advancement period is considered too short and you can read about Singapore's history is important to the island of Singapore, despite its small Messahha, but it is one of the world's best shopping destinations, where you can easily shopping walk , especially commercial shops are stationed in one area. You just have to go to Orcrd Street, which is a pulse of the city and there you will find gools.

    Fun shopping in Hong Kong:

    Hong Kong is the capital of shopping in China.
    And shopping of the most attractive factors for tourists, Hong Kong embraces the most important mega-shopping complexes offering trendy fashion trends.
    Hong Kong market with well-known international brands counterfeit products. And is also a destination for lovers of antiques and Antique.
    Wandering in Cat Street, which houses a collection of rare pieces of art exhibitions, as well as gold shops, silk products and hand-embroidered fabrics.

    Fun shopping in Melbourne markets:

    Melbourne Australian fashion capital, you'll like shopping in Melbourne market prices to suit all tastes and budgets. And nice shopping bags there are made of cloth and not plastic do not be surprised by it.
    You can go to Swanston Street, which includes a number of fashion shops and street Harbor Town Shopping Center is known to sell popular Australian brands and also Queen Victoria Market, located in the south of the city, which includes a luxury fashion boutiques to the world's top designers.

    Fun shopping in Copenhagen:

    Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark is one of the most important places where you can enjoy your destination for shopping as it is a haven for shopping, to suit all tastes. In Copenhagen, there is the longest pedestrian street in Europe called "Stroda" stroget contains this street on global stores carrying the signatures of the most important fashion designers in Europe.

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