Travel bag processing

Travel bag processing


    Travel is to move from one place to another in a short trip or long in its distance or duration, for reasons of tourism, trade or business, or visit relatives, or immigration from one country to another, or Hajj, a travel, or receiving treatment, so it is necessary to identify the steps easy and simple to prepare trunk travel through this article.

    Pre-processing steps travel bag

    There are tips to be followed before traveling bag processing:
    • Prepare a written list of all the purposes for which we need to travel, and medicines that we use.
    • We take what we need purposes, so as not increase and decrease in the material.
    • We will identify the activities that each day of the trip, it will help us to know the purposes for which we need during the trip.
    • Knowing the weather country that we want to travel to, so we can determine what we need clothes on the trip.
    • Know the number of travel days, to determine Milesmna of everything.
    • Identify the clothes that we need to travel, where they can fetch less than the number of days trip clothes two days, so wear the same clothes to go back, which provides us with additional space inside travel bag type.
    • We choose the colors that are consistent with each other, and suitable for more than one purpose, it contributes to reducing the burden for any purposes is unnecessary.
    • Bring Bntalin jeans only, where it is known as the usual outfit that is in line with any of the confusion, it contributes to the provision of a large space in the bag.
    • Taking the shoes that we need, and we wear in line with the colors of the confusion that Houdrnah in the bag.
    • We get sleep wear appropriate number of Bjamtin to three pajamas, which is enough for us during the travel period.
    • Prepare for different purposes of towels, hair dryer, shampoo and sewing tools, and electrical converter, which may not be present in the hotels that we want to get off it.
    • Not taking large amounts caused us excess weight in the bag.

    Steps processing travel bag

    After doing the previous steps we must take the following steps:
    • The development of purposes that can be leaking materials, including in a custom like, shampoo that may leak into the bag bags.
    • Leaving the space inside the bag, you may need to buy purposes or other clothing from the country that we want to travel to.
    • Wrapped clothes and Tertbhe in the bag well, to provide sufficient space inside the trunk.
    • Keep shoes in the bags before we put the bag in the right place, to keep the smell of clothes and not Atsakha.
    • Put clothes on top of shoes neatly in the bag, and the purposes breakable; such as: bottles Alparvan, where it can be placed over clothes or wrapped inside the clothes, to avoid breaking it.
    • Keep accessories and belts in the empty places inside the bag.
    • Travel prepare, passport tickets, and some of the papers that we need on the trip, in the handbag that remain with us.

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