Travel to Hungary

Travel to Hungary


    Hungary or Hungary is a country in central Europe, bordered to the north of Slovakia, and the north-eastern Ukraine, and from the east of Romania, and from the south of Croatia, and from the west of Austria, is Hungary from countries confined, not overlooking any point on the sea, it is bordered by land of the four sides.

    Hungary has many beautiful tourist areas, we will some of them, which we recommend you visit if you travel to Hungary, and we'll travel to Hungary before and some of the necessary documents for the visa method.

    Travel to Hungary way

    If you want to travel to Hungary, then you get all of:
    • Passport, so as not to be older on the date of issue more than ten years, and be valid for a period of three months at a minimum after the visa expires, and the pages were empty at a minimum, in addition to providing a photocopy of it and passports of previous travel, if any, with the provision of A scanned copy of them as well.
    • Photographs, modern photograph one meets the criteria for biometric, and no more than the date photographed for six months, that the background is white.
    • Biometric data collection: It is valid for a period of five years, and for those more than twelve years.
    • Document health insurance.
    • Documents supporting the request:
        • Fill out the visa application form with full data, and personally signed by the applicant.
        • Document shows the purpose of the visit, the itinerary.
        • Proof of residence with another male full address and phone number, or book a hotel.
        • Flight booking back and forth.
    • As well as visa approval to travel by the parent if the traveler was a minor.
    • Language requirements: Hungarian or English.
    • The time required for a visa: fifteen business days.
    • Visa fee: € 60 adults, € 35 from the age of six years to twelve years, free of charge to those who are less than six years.

    Tourist places in Hungary

    • Buda Castle and the Church of Matthias: Buda Castle is located in the capital Budapest, one of the sites the world heritage registered with UNESCO, which includes the capital of the Historical Museum and the National Museum of the Hungarian, the structure of this castle was rebuilt more than once to become the end of the great palace consists of 203 rooms, which includes historical Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts.

    The Church of Matthias was built in the ninth century in the same area where Buda Castle is located, the second largest church in the castle, including the Museum of Church Art, which is one of the most important tourist sites in Hungary and most visit.
    • Lake Balaton: Lake Balaton or lake Hungarian is one of the large lakes in Central Europe, and is one of the most important tourist areas in Hungary due to the sweetness of its waters and lining up the mountains where on one side beautifully, and the other side of which is characterized by the beauty of nature and the possibility to enjoy all the activities in which .
    • The Hungarian Parliament building: It is a well-known monuments in Hungary, and a wonderful example of the architecture of new Gothic, take tours of this landmark 45-minute guided by Parliament.
    • Andrassy Street (the heart of the city), one of the most popular shopping areas in the capital Budapest, where it is full of life, featuring many restaurants, theaters and best, can also enjoy a lot of entertainment means after a meal or dinner after shopping.
    • Caves Karst and Slovak: It is a UNESCO World Heritage sites, which includes 712 caves, and is characterized by the presence of stalagmites highest in the world, in addition to the ice at the level of misty abyss.
    • Suspension bridge: It is the first bridge between the ancient cities of Buda and six Altd in 1873.
    • Halazibastaa Fortress (Fortress Fisherman): This fort has a clock tower with seven balconies and new models Naoukoutih Roman, as it overlooks the great panoramic views, and nearby there is St. Matthias Church of San.
    • Mineral baths Széchenyi: provide relaxation to its visitors, as well as address many diseases.
    • St. Stephen's Church: it has been so named in honor of the first king of Hungary.

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