Travel to Turkey: 10 Tips to travel at the lowest cost

Travel to Turkey: 10 Tips to travel at the lowest cost

    We can say that travel to Turkey has been known to change dramatically in the past ten years, this is the privilege of the tourist state is no longer a cheap destination as it was the case before, perhaps this news is delightful for travelers who are forced on a budget, especially when comparing travel prices in Turkey with other countries, and to overcome this given we chose a set of tips provide you with that make travel to Turkey at a lower cost, it is possible and take.
    The beauty of Turkey and its nature and its features tourist will not be hard, you discovered no matter how low your budget, but with prior knowledge and knowledge of smart ways and process that will help it, and below you will find 10 of these tips that will open your way to visit this country without Taaroa attention and careful portfolio Alnicoz your own.

    1. Public transport in Turkey

    Public transport in Istanbul is safe and effective, to take advantage really public transport in Istanbul Purchase Okpal or Astanbolkart that offer important on buses, trams and phrases transport discounts, you can buy these cards in kiosks or vending machines in many public transport stations.
    Another useful way to save money in terms of transport and explore the situation of tourism is to take one of the Bosphorus terms, this is the way to travel by the locals and you'll get a charming look at the region and opportunities to pick up beautiful pictures on a cruise without assigning or pay for high-priced.

    2. Save money on food

    Istanbul streets is famous for its delicious foods, which is popular tremendous, and you as well as if you want to enjoy meals at a cost of appetite is expensive, you will provide food that carts you a quick meal at a lower cost and would be an ideal alternative for those restaurants that boil in the prices of meals.

    3. Save money on transport

    Many people expect that gasoline prices in Turkey are low, but one of the highest in the world! For this reason, avoid renting a car but if you have your choice of at least choose a diesel car.
    Sometimes it is also possible to save money by using coupon codes voucher codes.
    Travel to Turkey would be fun without wasting a lot of money thanks to good deals on domestic flights but generally buses nationwide system is cheaper. Anyone who used buses to travel between cities in Turkey will see the quality of television sets, tea, coffee, cakes, and comfortable seats. Apart from the long journey times, there is no cons to use the bus system in Turkey.

    4. Currency Exchange

    Do not spend the currency at the airport or in your country because you will get a drop in the money, and instead, then regardless of the currency in Turkey, especially as most shops will not take you a commission on it.

    5. Some free things to see and enjoy it

    There's a lot to enjoy in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, where most of the tourist attractions are located and the activities included:
    - watch the sunset from the Galata Bridge.
    - Look at the Grand Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar.

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