Where do I go in Bangkok

Where do I go in Bangkok

    the National Museum

    Can visit the National Museum in the city of Thailand, which is one of the best museums, which includes the best distinctive art collections in all Southeast Asian countries, these art collections and reflect the Buddhist art and Hindu, in addition to the presence of the family's royal Thai art pieces, you can also visit this museum in several days and enjoy several rounds inside where the museum is open to the public from nine am, and until the fourth evening.

    Swan Bacad Palace

    This palace is located in the modern city center of Bangkok, the palace and the forms and several other wooden houses the former residence of the members of the royal family, and is located just a few blocks from the Victory Monument, it has been the palace to convert museum contains numerous exhibits, furniture, and tools that display Thai art, this is a unique palace; it is located in the center of the city, one of the few old mansions that are open to the public.

    MBK Center

    Is the MBK center is one of the largest shopping centers located in Bangkok, and attracts more than 100,000 shoppers a day where he is shopping destination by tourists, it opened this center in 1985 and was considered the largest shopping center in Asia, and has this center on nearly 2,000 stores, and is considered MBK indicate the full name of the center, mah Bonn Krong (English: mah Boon Krong) and so called in honor of my father contractors mah, Bonn and Krong.

    The Grand Palace

    The Grand Palace is located (in English: the Grand Palace) in the old city in Thailand was built in 1782 King Buddha Aodva, when the capital was moved to the East Bank was considered the palace headquarters of the kings of the Siamese in 1782 AD until 1925 AD, was also carved Buddha statue of emerald inside campus Palace, [3] and the grand Palace is one of the most crowded tourist places in the city, and people usually go to a desire to learn about the history and culture of Thailand, called the title of this palace's hometown of Bangkok.

    Wat Pho Temple

    Featuring Temple of Wat Pho (English: Wat Pho) when added to the Buddha statue of a huge and undulating, which reaches a height of about 15 m and a length of nearly 43 m, and covers his body layer of gold and decorated with a layer of pearl on his eyes and the soles of his feet, and although this temple is not It is a center of pilgrimage, but the people considered a site of worship and piety.

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