Where do you go in Marrakech

Where do you go in Marrakech


    Is one of the major cities in the north-western part of the African continent, located to the north of the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, bordered from the southwestern city of Tangier, the Moroccan capital Rabat, Casablanca, and the northeastern city of Agadir, and the eastern city of Essaouira, The total area of ​​the city to two hundred and thirty square kilometers, and they live more than one million people.

    Top landmarks

    Dar Si Said Museum

    The museum known as the Moroccan Arts Museum, located in the northern part of the Bahia Palace, dates back construction to the nineteenth century, the museum contains many ancient Moroccan products such as jewelry, carpets, Haouz, oil lamps, pottery blue, and leather goods.

    Marrakech Museum

    The museum is located in the old city, and dates back to the nineteenth century by Mehdi Menebhi, and represents the museum symbol of architecture Andalusian classical, and has a fountain in the central courtyard with a range of seating areas, traditional baths, and a range of complex business Kalmnhotat, metal paintings decorative it also contains many historical books, coins used in the region in ancient times, and the types of pottery made with Jewish hands, and Moroccan, and barbarism.

    Ben Youssef Mosque

    It is one of the oldest mosques in the city, and back-built to the twelfth century by Sultan Ali Ben Youssef in honor of Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, and was half its original size at the time, and was rebuilt again by Sultan Abdullah Ghalib to be what it is now, It features a mosque Moroccan architectural style and consists of several floors, and contains many inscriptions in Kufic script of the names of God and verses from the Koran.

    Bahia Palace

    Back built to the nineteenth century, at the request of the Minister, Ahmed bin Musa; so that he lives with four wives and many children in it, and there are minors on a total area of ​​eight thousand square meters, and lasted built seven years ago, hundreds of artisans famous in the city of Fez, He controlled the palace after the death of the minister Sultan Abdul Aziz.

    Royal palace

    Palace known as the House store, located near the Badi Palace, built in the twelfth century, the palace underwent many changes by Saadian and Alawites during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, currently owns the palace French businessman Dominique de Bilda.


    The city contains many green spaces, parks and beautiful parks lighthouse, and Majorelle designed by Yves Saint Laurent

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