Where do you go in Paris

Where do you go in Paris


    Paris is the French capital, the largest city where, one of the most beautiful cities in the world due to its city of collection between tradition and modernity, and because of the wonderful beautiful places rob Alolabab.n for this reason, this city is one of the most famous places frequented by tourists in various parts of the world and throughout, everyone is rushing millions to visit this city and spend some days in which to recreation themselves and in order to carry out the exercise of various activities, especially if their activities are concentrated in the cultural fields, cultural the activities in these numerous and varied scenic city, and can For a man to spend the most beautiful times in which either alone or together with other people.

    Paris area is estimated at about 105 kilometers approximately square meters, while the population is estimated at about almost two million and two hundred thousand people almost. Paris is located in the middle of the north of the French Republic, which is located on the banks of one of the most famous rivers and is the Seine River, and the town of Paris the French capital from London, the capital of the United Kingdom about 450 kilometers south-east almost to the ones. As varied landmarks in Paris that can go to Here are some places to visit in this wonderful capital, we will mention in this article, a group of the most famous of these monuments.

    Where do you go in Paris

    • Eiffel tower

    The Eiffel Tower is an iron tower with a height of about 324 meters approximately, and this magnificent tower is located in the northwest of the park known as garden (Champs de Mars), which is close to a large extent of the Seine River. It has been created this wonderful teacher from the city of Paris landmarks and European monuments overall in 1889 from birth by Gustave Eiffel and his associates, on the occasion of the International Exhibition in Paris. It was named at the beginning of the 300-meter tower.

    • Louvre Museum

    The Louvre is one of the most beautiful and the most important museums scattered throughout the world, and he has this great importance because of the historical and artistic value of its exhibits this important museum, the Louvre Museum is located on the bank of the Seine North. Reference is made to the need to visit this important milestone in France because of the stolen Egyptian, which was buried on Egyptian land effects, these effects have been stolen during the French campaign on Egypt.

    • Notre Dame Cathedral

    This cathedral is located on the eastern side of the island known as the island city, which is located in the middle of the heart of the French capital Paris. The cathedral was built in the place where the first Christian church was built in the French capital Paris.

    Other entertainment venues in Paris

    • Offers opera, musical, and the play at the Opera House in Paris
    • Champs Street promenade, which includes many different places such as restaurants and cafes.
    • The Seine River and spend some time there because of its breathtaking beauty.
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    • Cleopatra's Needle
    • Garnier Palace
    • Disneyland Paris
    • Luxembourg Gardens

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